Can an administration officer run an event? 

A question we get a lot and one I am sure most CEOs, CFOs and any small business want to know the answer to: “Can an administration officer run an event?”. 

While we all know so many high-skilled and trained administrative officers or personal assistants, we are here to squash this belief that we can expect any assistant to run an event with ease and flow without any disadvantage to everyone (the business, the assistant etc.). 

While it may seem like a convenient and cost-effective solution, there are numerous reasons why this might not be the best idea.

In this article, we will explore the potential pitfalls of having your administration officer run your event, from a lack of expertise to the strain on their regular duties.

The distinction from core tasks and job role 

An administration officer is crucial to the smooth functioning of any organisation. 

They play a pivotal role in ensuring day-to-day operations run efficiently. 

Assigning them the responsibility of managing an event can divert their focus and time away from their core duties. 

This diversion can result in a backlog of administrative tasks, delays in decision-making, and increased stress levels.

Overburdening an administration officer with event management can have a detrimental impact on the overall productivity and efficiency of your organisation. It may lead to neglected responsibilities and a decreased quality of work. Plus you have to question, was this in the PD of the administration assistant when I hired them? 

The risk of burnout and overwhelm 

Running an event, especially a large or complex one, can be a time-consuming and stressful endeavour. 

Administration officers who are already stretched thin with their regular duties may find themselves overwhelmed by the additional workload. 

This can lead to burnout, a state of physical and emotional exhaustion that can harm their well-being and job performance. For an event planner, someone that does this day in, day out, event planning is stressful. Imagine it for someone who doesn’t do it often and has other jobs to complete. 

Furthermore, the stress associated with event planning can spill over into their personal lives, negatively affecting their work-life balance. 

This, in turn, can lead to decreased job satisfaction and retention issues.

Lack of connections

One of the key benefits of hosting events is the opportunity to connect with clients, partners, and industry professionals. 

Administration officers, although competent in their own right, may not possess the same connections with vendors, stakeholders, etc. as someone with a background in event management. 

A dedicated event planner often has a vast network of contacts in the event industry, which can be invaluable when securing vendors, sponsors, or speakers. 

By relying on an administration officer to run your event, you may miss out on these important networking opportunities that could enhance the success of your event and future collaborations.

administration officer run an event

Potential cost overruns

Events often come with significant financial implications. An administration officer may not have the necessary expertise to create and manage a detailed budget, leading to potential cost overruns. 

Without a clear understanding of event pricing, negotiation tactics, and cost-saving strategies, an event’s expenses can quickly spiral out of control.

Moreover, an administration officer might not have the experience to identify and assess cost-effective alternatives for various event components, such as venue selection, catering, or audio-visual services. 

This lack of cost-conscious decision-making can impact the organisation’s bottom line. So while you might have saved money on using your assistant, you might have cost yourself more time and money by the end of the event execution. 

Risk of legal and compliance issues

Events often involve contracts, permits, licences, and compliance with various regulations. Administration officers may not be well-versed in these legal aspects of event management. 

Failing to address these issues adequately can result in legal disputes, fines, or even the cancellation of the event.

Professional event planners are typically well-informed about the legal requirements and compliance obligations associated with events. 

They can navigate these complexities efficiently, ensuring your event runs smoothly and without any legal hiccups.

Can an administration officer run an event? 

While, yes. An administration officer can run an event, it isn’t an ideal scenario.  

Administration assistants have told us how tired they were from helping their employees run an event. 

When Casey (our Managing Director) returned to Gippsland after her time away working in Melbourne and London, she was actively chatting to people in the local community.

It became clear to her that most of the events happening in the local area were managed in-house by an Executive Assistant.

Although these people were doing a good job with the skills and resources they had, they were also burnt out and overwhelmed.

Not only do they have to organise an event, they still have to do their normal job!

Casey Bonacci Events (now Bonacci Agency) was born in February 2019 to support the local community design and manage incredible events because we could see people were tired!

Final thoughts 

While administration officers are essential members of an organisation, entrusting them with the responsibility of running an event is a big ask. 

The distraction from their core job role, potential burnout, limited resources and so many other factors spoken about in the above article give reason to why this isn’t ideal. 

To ensure the success of your event, it makes sense to collaborate with experienced event planners who can bring their specialised skills and knowledge to the table. 

If this is what you need, let’s chat.