Welcome to Bonacci Agency – from events to igniting purpose 

Bonacci Agency, while a young brand, is full of experience and knowledge. 

We started in 2019, why? Because after the Founder of Bonacci Agency, Casey (me) returned to Gippsland in 2018 I saw a gap in the market.

While having conversations with locals, it was apparent that most of the events happening in the local area were managed in-house by an Executive Assistant or a volunteer of a community group.

Although these people were doing a good job with the skills and resources they had, they were also burnt out and overwhelmed. 

Casey Bonacci Events was born in February 2019 to support the local community design and manage incredible events.   

I started as a one-woman show, calling on my 15+ years of experience (and being a local to the Gippsland area). However, my experience was not limited to Gippsland, in fact, I had spent most of my career outside of Gippsland working on big scale events at Federation Square in Melbourne and Trafalgar Square in London.  

Bonacci Agency – now

Fast forward to now (after serving hundreds of clients with events and taking part in Startup programs), I have done a rebrand. It is time to expand. 

We are Bonacci Agency. We have one mission: to create incredible moments and experiences that connect with an audience! 

I always knew it was about more than just events. 

I knew one day it would support global businesses with purpose, collaboration and connection. 

That is why (with the re-brand of Casey Bonacci Events) I wanted to start to grow into a “one-stop-shop”. Offering additional services like marketing and communications. So it was about more than just events, but the whole purpose around the business. 

Welcome to the new look business, Bonacci Agency, connecting businesses to the purpose, why they do what they do and how to bring that to life in marketing, communications and, of course, memorable events. 

Make sure you follow us on LinkedIn and stay tuned for a new look website. If you are looking for more direction on communicating about your business, connecting with your community and building exposure, let’s connect.