Why should I hire an event planner? The 7 benefits of hiring a professional to help with your next event 

I have heard it before “why should I hire an event planner/manager? Don’t they cost too much money?”. 

My answer, no. If you hire an expert events manager or planner with the right connections and the right expertise, it will not cost you more. 

Your event will be better planned and most that invest in an event planner or manager reach more than their business objectives. 

If you have always been wondering why you should hire an expert for your next event, keep reading. 

We will go through the 7 main benefits of hiring a professional to help with your next event. 

The 7 benefits of hiring an event planner or manager

  1. An event planner will save you time and money 

You might think hiring an event planner is expensive. That is actually incorrect! Hiring an event planner can save you money. 

We have vendor connections and the skills to negotiate better rates. Event planners and managers know what to prioritise, saving you time and stress. 

Planners handle vendor meetings and set deadlines, resulting in a successful event within your budget. 

Also, we know how to save money on other elements that make up the event. We have cheaper alternatives to help you. 

  1. An event planner has connections 

Hiring an event professional gives you access to a team of vendors and contractors, or “connections.” 

Event planners can save you money based on your event size (as mentioned above). We have the experience to guide your cost expectations and local connections to secure better prices. 

Plus we do all the communicating with vendors.

When you hire an events planner, it means you get access to the network of connections dedicated to making your event successful.

  1. No more stress when you hire an event planner 

As event planners and managers, we work tirelessly to ensure everything runs smoothly. We take on the stress so you don’t have to (trust me, I know that all too well). 

Hiring a planner relieves you of the overwhelming task, allowing you to relax and enjoy without worrying about the details. Because we all have had an event where we have spent so much time planning it, we don’t enjoy it. 

We anticipate and handle any issues that arise, turning potential disasters into memorable experiences. We become a crisis management team for you. 

  1. Event planners are great organisers

This might sound like a given, but event planners and managers have to have the organisational skills and time management skills needed to run a successful event. So you don’t have to adopt a new skill set (if organisation and time management are not your thing). 

As part of the work, we create detailed production timelines, so that all requirements, deadlines, and vendor communication are accounted for. 

All of this makes for a smooth event that is on schedule! 

  1. Event planners build on the vision and the purpose and bring it to life 

This is probably our favourite benefit. We work on the details to get the event happening, but we also care about your vision and purpose. 

A good event planner and manager (like Bonacci Agency) bring creativity and unique ideas to help make the event truly memorable. 

The goal is to bring your vision to life with a cohesive design and attention to clever details. 

These thoughtful touches set your event apart and demonstrate careful planning. We are here to create something unique. 

  1. An event planner works to meet business objectives 

Most events come with an objective. A goal. 

Whether it’s a product launch, client gathering, conference, trade exhibition, or charity event, an event planner ensures all goals are met. 

We also provide marketing and communications support to foster meaningful connections with your brand. It is about achieving your goal, and why you want to have the event! 

  1. Event planners work on all the logistics and legalities of the event 

Working with a professional event planner guarantees adherence to city and local ordinances. 

We understand regulations so you don’t have to.

Final thoughts 

What I think about when people struggle to see the benefit of hiring an event planner or manager is the missed opportunity. 

We have so many different skill sets and the knowledge is priceless. 

The personality trait (from what I have seen in my time) of a good event manager is naturally organised, calm, and someone who thrives under pressure. 

These attributes work wonders with event timelines, budgets, locations, and people management. 

Are you convinced now that an events manager or planner is a good investment? 

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