Working with an Events Manager: what can I expect? 

Knowledge is power. So when understanding who to hire to help you in your business, it is important to understand the role they play. 

So, working with an Events Manager, what can you expect? What does this look like? 

We are giving you an insight and behind the scenes look into what working with an Events Manager is like and what you can expect will be done and handled for you. 

This will also help you to understand the work involved in running and managing an event. 

What is an events manager? 

This might seem pretty self-explanatory but an Events Manager is just that. 

Someone who manages an event. However, while the definition might seem obvious, there are many elements an Events Manager does that you might not have known. 

That is why it is time to read further. 

What are the main tasks of an Events Manager?

We go broad first to answer the question: “What does an Events Manager do?”. Here are a few high-level duties. 

  1. Meet with clients: working closely with the client to ensure the goals are reached and the vision is aligned. 
  2. Collaborate with the team: managing the team who help with the execution of the event. 
  3. Find and research vendors: find the right stakeholders to help bring the event to life. 
  4. Work and handle the budget: build the event around the budget (including all vendors etc). 
  5. Give professional opinions: provide suggestions and insights based on their knowledge and experience with event management. 
  6. Coordinate promotion of the event: work on the communications and marketing of the event (or work with the team who is marketing and promoting the event). 
Working with an events manager

The process of working with an Events Manager

You understand the high-level role of an Events Manager, but let’s go into the details. 

Below are the stages of planning and managing an event if you work with an events agency. 

Stage 1: Research, goal setting, and figuring out if it’s doable

The main task in this stage of building an event is setting the objective. An Events Manager will ask all the right questions to work out what is achievable and how they can work to the budget. 

Stage 2: Choosing the theme and design of the event 

This stage is all about the “who, what, when, where”. Choosing the theme, where it will be, who will come, who will be involved and when it will happen. It is about building the core elements of the event based on the research and the objectives. 

Stage 3: Focus on the details for a successful event

Focussing on the details is about working out the “how”. The timeline that needs to be put together and the “doing”. This is about the promotion of the event, finalising all the details from vendors to speakers, performers and everything in between. 

Stage 4: Event execution

Of course, the main step is the event execution. Your Events Manager will be there from set up to pack up ensuring everything goes to plan. This is all about managing the logistics. 

Stage 5: Post-event guest communications and team debrief

All events need to be measured and reflected on. So once the event is over, the Event Manager will work on a reflection with the team, the guests, the business – all stakeholders. This is to help develop future events and improve.

Final thoughts 

Now you see the ins and outs of all the work an Events Manager does. From the first moment of researching an event all the way through to the event and conclusion. 

An Events Manager is the go to person to help you with any event. They will be there each step of the way to ensure the event is a success and meets business objectives.

We also do something a little different at Bonacci Agency to make sure we really understand our clients and their event. We work together across a couple of weeks to get the scope of work and the goals of the client.

Then we present our findings and provide the scope of work to the client so they can determine the next steps! We call this step 0! Read more about it here.

Want to learn more about what an Event Manager can do for you? Let’s chat.